The age old question is to load or not to load?

What is the right answer?

Brownells is here to tell you the right answer and finally put this question to rest.

We have all heard the question of whether magazines should be left in storage. Some shooters unload their mags after the range and reload them when they are there again. Others leave them loaded 24/7. So what is the correct answer?

Brownells made a video all about that subject. Modern quality made magazines have good quality steel springs. These springs will not over compress when left stored loaded. Using a magazine over and over and unloading and reloading will fatigue magazine springs much quicker than leaving them loaded.

Cheap magazines may have cheap quality springs so be aware the above might not be the case for them. Stick with quality mags and keep them loaded. That way they also will be ready for action when the wolf growls at the door.

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