Ever wish you could see when your shotgun magazines were full or empty?

SDS Imports decided to come up with the perfect solution for your shotgunning needs.

I got a chance to thoroughly test out the transparent SDS Imports 10 Round Saiga Style Magazines.

The Classic Woodsman

We have all been there. We load up a magazine and later we do not remember just how many rounds remain. Well if you own a Cheetah-12, Lynx-12, Saiga-12, Civet-12 or any shotgun that accepts those style detachable magazines you are now in luck. SDS Imports partnered with Innovate LLC to make an all American made transparent magazine. With magazine body, follower and floor plate all made right here in the good ole USA they count towards 922r compliance. Now that is a handy way to stay on the good side of some rather odd laws floating around.

My friends over at SDS Imports supplied two such magazines for testing. First I tested them for fit in a Lynx-12 shotgun and a Civet-12 shotgun. Each locked up solid easily with very little play. For range testing I opted for the previously reviewed Civet-12 pump action shotgun. Locked and loaded in place the Civet-12 shotgun is ready to rumble with a full load of 10 rounds. That sight is such sweet visual assurance that you are ready for the range, hunting or self defense if called upon. Certainly no coyote or intruder would get through a hail of 10 buckshot rounds. The image below is a full load of Federal #7.5 birdshot shotshells ready to shred targets up close or down small game.

The Classic Woodsman

First loads through the transparent SDS Imports 10 Round Magazines were the fore mentioned Federal #7.5 birdshot shells. I picked a thick willow log to unleash a lead storm upon. The initial blast of 10 loads on one spot shredded the bark completely off that spot. Such a light load though caused surface damage only. Heavy buckshot or slugs would certainly left a heavier impression on the offending log. Note taken for self defense needs.

As you can witness below a fully loaded transparent magazine really adds to the imposing features of the already powerful and reliable 12 gauge shotgun. This quick field image is quite impressive and will get the job done well too.

The Classic Woodsman

After a couple mag loads from both SDS Imports transparent 10 round magazines using light birdshot I transitioned over to a variety of slug, buckshot and 3″ magnum loads. Talk about a lead hammer. I was quite impressed with the performance of the SDS transparent magazines with all loads tested.

My final thoughts on the SDS Imports 10 round transparent magazines is they are really well built and tough. The followers move smoothly with no binding. The transparent material is impeccably clear which is really impressive to see. They also double the firepower over the 5 round magazines that usually are supplied with the shotgun when purchased. Did I mention they look ultra cool loaded too?

SDS Imports has once again supplied another great product for the detachable magazine fed shotgun fans. Be sure to check out all of their great offerings on the SDS Imports website. For defense, hunting or range fun these products are certainly hard to beat.
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