When this shooter found out he had Parkinson’s Disease he did not give up.

Instead he found a way to fight Parkinson’s by competition shooting.

Witness competition shooter David Smith take on Parkinson’s one bullet at a time.

David Smith is not giving up without a fight. He is taking his war head on with Parkinson’s Disease.

Mr. Smith has found a way to stop Parkinson’s Disease. He is a competition shooter that wins tournaments. While competing he is effectively tricking the disease by accessing his brain for the high energy activity. The disease may cause problems in regular life but in competition it is sidelined while Mr. Smith nails target after target in his victorious battle against ailment.

Mr. Smith should be an inspiration to us all. Do not let ailments confine you to a boring life. Get out there and face obstacles head on and live life to it’s fullest always.

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