This shooter was in for a really bad range trip.

The .50 BMG rifle he fired actually exploded.

Witness the .50 BMG kaboom that will make you cringe.

In a video shared by YouTuber crazyvidoes we witness something we really hope to never see in person: a rifle kaboom.

This was not an ordinary rifle. It is chambered for the powerhouse caliber .50 BMG. Upon firing the bolt blew apart impaling the shooter. The range officer screams cease fire and he needs towels. It is a bad situation that this shooter had the horror of being a part of.

I will leave it up to the viewers of this video to research the make and model of this .50 BMG rifle kaboom. A source reported to me that this weapons manufacturer has had three different names to stay in business because of their shoddy work. Word of warning before you fire or ever buy a .50 BMG rifle or any weapon for that matter do your research. A cheaply made weapon can have disastrous effects.

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