Faulty loads can be the death of any firearm.

Be cautious when handloading and never load when interrupted.

This shooter’s reloads caused this Glock 27 pistol to go kaboom!

When you are handloading ammunition best to keep your mind solely on the task at hand. YouTuber neutered10mm shared a cautionary tale of what can happen if the above lesson is not heeded well.

His exact words are:

“KaBoom! that I experienced with my Glock G27 (.40 S&W) with a reload of 4.9 grains of Hodgdon Titegroup under a Rainier 165 grain Hollow Point bullet fired from Federal brass (once fired) and ignited with CCI #500 primer. An event I will never forget and will forever learn from. Cause of the KaBoom! was my negligence in over-expending the case mouth and then over-crimping. This caused insufficient neck tension and also the mouth of the case to impede the barrel throat, giving the pressure nowhere to go but out the back. I was distracted during the reloading process and proceeded to show someone how each die and station on my Hornady Lock-N-Load AP worked. In doing so, I over exaggerated the expansion and then over-crimped to compensate. I mistakenly ran 50 total rounds like this and got lucky enough to fire 9 of them. ALWAYS bench check and chamber check all the rounds in a batch until you feel that the entire run is safe to continue production. NEVER proceed to run ammo in a production during a disruption without resetting and ensure that your run wasn’t compromised.”

Use this as a lesson to always be careful what you load and fire from any weapon. It just takes one moment to ruin the rest of your life. This shooter got lucky and just lost a pistol and nothing more.

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