Sometimes you just can’t un-see something.

That is certainly the case of this fellow firing smokeless powder in a muzzleloader.

Witness the epic kaboom of this shooter’s muzzleloader loaded up with smokeless powder.

YouTuber Matt Radcliff shared a video of what not to do, EVER! That is load smokeless powder into a muzzleloader.

The shooter fired a muzzleloading rifle with a load of smokeless powder. Before even watching the video you know bad things are about to happen. Upon detonation the rifle turns into a handheld pipe bomb. Parts and pieces go flying in all directions and the shooter appears to be surprisingly unscathed.

This epic kaboom shows what will happen if you ever fire a muzzleloader with smokeless powder. This shooter was lucky only this video is a memento of the foolish act. A grave stone could also have been the lasting epitaph of what not to do.

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