What happens when you run out of primers?

Reloaded ammunition is not worth anything without a functional primer.

Check out how to reuse old primers and make them work again.

We are living in odd times at this point. Gun shops are selling out and supplies in some places are getting scarce. What happens when all of your centerfire ammunition has been shot? Well you can reload right? Where did you put those primers…oh no you ran out!

YouTuber Jon with no h decided to try taking old primers and making them work again. While his method might take a few minutes it can ultimately bring the life back to boxer primers that have been fired. I would certainly say that could be useful knowledge to know.

In times of crisis be careful and don’t take any unnecessary risks. Stick with the approved reloading recipes supplied by the manufacturers and never experiment with powders on your own. A hospital trip might not be plausible in a true emergency situation.

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