Ever hear of a bouncing arrow before?

This Native American arrow style certainly has it’s uses.

Check out what the bouncing arrow is all about.

If you were hunting waterfowl with a bow how well would you do? A direct shot may or may not hit the duck or goose you want for dinner. Your arrow will be lost either way. Sounds like bad odds right?

In a video shared by Sami Maaranen we see how Native Americans hunted waterfowl. Behold the bouncing arrow. When shot at the surface of water it will skip like a stone. Any game in front of that bouncing arrow will soon be cooking for the tribe. The arrows might also be recovered easier too since they might actually float.

Modern man has thought all along that we have it all figured out. Well it appears our “primitive” ancestors certainly had it figured out way before gun powder and shotguns ever were even a thought. Many thanks to Mr. Maaranen for sharing this quite interesting hunting arrow that would work today as well as it did way back in the past.

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