Looking for a tactical style shotgun that offers much more?

Black Aces Tactical sent quite a formidable shotgun for my thorough review.

Read on and see just how well the Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S Max Shotgun actually did.

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Looking for a shotgun that can be used in multiple roles? Black Aces Tactical was aware of this and decided to offer a shotgun that can cover your needs and not break the bank. What they came up with is the Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S Max Shotgun.

My great friends at Silverado Arms gave me a call that a review subject had arrived. In front of me was a semi-automatic shotgun that looked a bit like the old Benelli M1 Super 90 Shotgun I owned a few years back. The black stock was not plastic but actual walnut wood. It also has a rubber recoil pad with a hard plastic non-bind assembly for quick and comfortable shouldering. That is a nice touch for certain. In the world of tactical shotguns this one is a looker from the start.

The Classic Woodsman

Supplied with three choke tubes including cylinder, modified and full shot patterns are controlled with Benelli mobile style chokes.

The Classic Woodsman

The spare choke tubes and wrench came in a handy wallet sized plastic box.

The Classic Woodsman

The bolt, charge handle, and release button are all nickel plated for corrosion resistance.

The Classic Woodsman

The Pro Series S Max Shotgun is a tubular fed semi-automatic shotgun that has a capacity of 6+1 shells. The walnut wood furniture is either natural or black of your choice (my review shotgun has the black finish over walnut). The shotgun is supplied with sling attachment loops for your carrying needs. The barrel length is a handy 18.5″ long. Supplied with the shotgun is a standard shoulder stock and a bird’s head grip complete with bolt and Allen wrench. I decided all testing would be done with the shoulder stock attached.

The Classic Woodsman

Looking over the Pro Series S Max Shotgun I can certainly attest the Black Aces Tactical is all business in looks. It is built solid and the balance is very nice. A good balance equals better speed on target. This shotgun would be a fast shooter and absorb much recoil thanks to it’s recoil absorbing operating system and the sturdy walnut furniture.

So how does it shoot? Range day came and I put most of my time testing how reliable this shotgun is. With the supplied 3 choke tubes patterns can be tailored to your specific needs. The Pro Series S Max Shotgun is quite the machine. I started out with light loads and worked up to the heaviest magnum loads I had on hand. The empty shells began to pile up and there were no malfunctions of any kind. The last shot bolt hold open functioned flawlessly. This shotgun just kept running until finally I was out of fodder to feed it with. Mowing the weeds on the dirt backstop was made easy with a quick seven shots available. This is indeed a great value in cost, quality and function. What is there more to like for hunting, defense and just plain blasting fun?

Be sure to check out the Pro Series S Max Shotgun and all of the other great weapons that Black Aces Tactical carries on their website.

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