Starline Brass is known for their American made quality.

Why not take a step behind closed doors and see how it’s all done?

Check out the Starline Brass factory tour that will certainly fill your heart with envy.

When you look at many cartridges these days even for commercially made loads you might notice the two stars with possibly a line between them on the headstamp. What you have in your hand is a quality made Starline Brass cartridge. Shooters and hunters in the know love these durable brass cartridges for reloading. They have certainly become a sought after commodity at the local ranges I visit above all other manufacturers.

Personally my preferred cartridge casing to reload for my own shooting needs are Starline Brass. They do a great job. It’s as simple as that.

This video shows just how it’s all done. With proper components, equipment and skilled artisans these masters of the brass cartridge make the crucial item that holds our reloads all together.

What is available now from Starline Brass? Well these words are straight from my friends at Starline Brass:

“We are making and shipping as much brass as we can now. More than ever before. Most popular calibers are coming through consistently and the best way to get some is to place a back order through our website when we are taking them or through one of dealers.”

A big thanks goes out to Starline Brass for keeping shooters in supply with great brass. Made in the U.S.A. since 1976! It just doesn’t get better than that! Check out their website for all of the modern and old school brass cases they offer. It is quite a long list!

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