What would you do if you caught a deer poacher red handed?

What if it was a trespassing hunter that was otherwise legal?

Check out this deer poaching video and ask yourself how would you handle that situation.

In a video shared by YouTuber Bow Disciples we see a bad situation play out all caught on video.

Hunters hidden in a ground blind get video footage of a smaller buck they were not intending to shoot. All of a sudden a shot rang out. The mortally wounded buck drops to the ground. Who took that shot? No one else was supposed to be allowed to hunt on the property. As the camera rolls a hunter who only had permission to hunt on a neighboring property sneaks in to claim his prize. That guy shot across property lines and put these hunters in serious jeopardy from getting hit by a bullet.

How would you deal with such a situation? Would you call the game warden or let it slide?

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