Homemade poaching guns of Africa are as rough as they get.

Examples of these weapons appear not fit to be ever shot.

Ian of Forgotten Weapons took a look at some confiscated African poacher’s guns that show where there is a will there is a way.

Many anti-gunners out there think if guns are banned there will be no guns. They are completely wrong. Instead homemade weapons will become the business as the poachers in Africa have proved.

Ian took a look at some examples of roughly built arms that might actually work or not. These confiscated guns came from the hands of poachers and were made in junkyards and such. They used what they had and made do.

Take a look at these complete wrecks and ask yourself would you shoot these? Many thanks to Forgotten Weapons for finding these makeshift guns and sharing them along with other information on what they actually shot. Makes you happy to own your modern manufactured rifle right?

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