Imagine dangerous game charging at you. 

What rifle would you use? Would it be a quick double rifle or a higher capacity bolt action rifle?

Ian from Forgotten Weapons proves you can have both with the incredible Szecsei & Fuchs Double Barrel Bolt Action Dangerous Game Gun.

Wait, is this weapon something out of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon? Such a custom made weapon cannot possibly exist right? After this inventor was charged by 3 elephants at the same time he decided he needed a much better weapon. It then became reality.

A large bore double barrel rifle is one the fastest large caliber rifles one can carry in dangerous game territory. It may be the fastest, for the first two shots at least. After that the steady fire of a bolt action rifle reigns supreme especially if loading from a removable magazine. Pack a spare and you are really set.

Why not mate the two actions together into one super safari weapon? Ian of Forgotten Weapons shows us one interesting weapon that puts that concept into reality. Now that certainly would be a great weapon for dangerous game hunts.


Many thanks to Ian for sharing this incredible find. Be sure to follow him on YouTube at Forgotten Weapons.

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