Clyde Roberts is one tough deer hunter.

He was still hunting at the age of 105!

Witness this legendary 105 year young hunter that was dropping bucks at an incredible age.

So you are after big bucks? Well this hunter bagged the biggest of his lifetime. How long did it take? Try 40 years and now he is at the young age of 105. That’s right. That is a century plus five years. Let that sink in. Oh yes and it took him only one shot at 95 yards away.

How many times does the weather, aches and pains and just about everything else get in the way? That did not stop Clyde Roberts who bagged his biggest buck of his life. The love of deer hunting was his fountain of youth. Look at the smile on that gentleman’s face and you will see a sportsman that just loves to hunt.

Next time when you are too lazy to hit the deer stand think of Clyde Roberts. This tougher than nails hunter at 105 years young has us all beat by a long shot. Well done sir. Many thanks also to YouTuber NTO Food Plots & Minerals for sharing such an inspirational video.

UPDATE: While Mr. Roberts has since passed on to the great hunting grounds in the great beyond his story continues to be a great inspiration to all of us to get outside and enjoy the hunt! 

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