Nobody was a woodsman like Dick Proenneke was.

In the world of woodsman he was an Alaskan cabin above the rest.

Check out this video and see why I look up to Mr. Proenneke as the ultimate woodsman.

Growing up there was a program on PBS that just held me like a magnet to the TV set. It was the account of the true off-grid master of the wilderness and likable fellow, Mr. Dick Proenneke.

When Mr. Proenneke decided to head off into the wilds of Alaska he picked the beautiful Twin Lakes area. He filmed himself building his absolutely beautiful cabin, elevated cache, chairs, tables and much more. All he needed for building anything was right at his fingertips. Using hand tools this craftsman made a life way out in the bush among the animals and wilderness he loved.

The National Park System still keeps Dick’s cabin in good shape like he left it many years ago. While he may have departed this world woodsmen and woodswomen everywhere can still watch his adventures on videos such as this one shared on YouTube by swererbob. Long live the spirit of this ultimate woodsman. Many thanks to Bob Swerer Productions for making it all possible to see life from the eyes of Mr. Proenneke himself.

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