Ever wish your Mosin Nagant rifle shot a larger cartridge?

Well how about the iconic big bore .45/70 cartridge?

Check out how this old surplus military rifle became a big game stopping rifle.

Like the old saying goes sometimes you have to pull out the big guns.

YouTuber downeastgunworks shared a video on how the old Russian military Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle is converted from the 7.62X54R cartridge to the big bore .45/70 cartridge. Jim Green, owner and gunsmith of GunWorks shares the magic of creating a hard hitting bolt action hunting rifle out of a surplus rifle. It’s truly incredible to watch!

If you love old military rifles but want more punch for buffalo, bear, deer or just plain range fun, this rifle conversion is certainly should be tops on your bucket list. I know I would love to sling some lead from one!

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