Imagine seeing a wandering hermit dressed all in heavy leather self made clothing. 

That actual man did exist and is now quite famous.

Sit back and watch these two videos that tell us all about this interesting hermit known as “The Leatherman”.

Out in the woods we see some strange things. I have many times come across hermit type fellows who rather be away from society. This is nothing new as this odd story shows in a video shared by YouTuber Chronicle 5 WCVB.

The Leatherman is a bit of folklore but was an actual tough as nails hermit. Traveling around the wilds and through towns more than a century ago The Leatherman was at his peak. He wore a heavy hand stitched outfit of heavy leather along with a matching pack. Talk about wearing a heavy outfit but that certainly helped seal out the weather. Traveling around 365 miles round trip year round locals could set their clocks for his arrival. This Connecticut traveler lived in caves and such nooks and crannies to stay out of the weather. The vintage video shared by YouTuber Bertelevision below shows an older perspective also on The Leatherman.

Even Pearl Jam wrote a sang a song about The Leatherman. Even after death this loner of the woods continues to be a celebrity.

When his grave was moved his body was missing. You might say he is still wandering over his tramping grounds. If you listen closely to the wind and look deeply into the wilds maybe you will witness a glimpse of the wandering spirit of The Leatherman.

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