Are you a Model 1911 Pistol fan?

Do you like vintage military training videos?

Well this video of old school 1911 Pistol training from back in WW2 will impress you.

I always wondered what techniques for pistol shooting my grandfather was taught in the US. Army before storming the beaches of Normandy during World War Two. This video gives me a glimpse to just how that was done back in the day.

This U.S. Army training footage from back in WW2 shows what combat shooting was all about. YouTuber Documentary Tube shared this video that shows many differences compared to modern tactical training. Notice one hand shooting was the rule and not an exception. I once heard an instructor state “if you like one hand you will love two…” and two hands certainly cause better marksmanship for most shooters.

Check out this video and see the differences that nearly a century has done for combat pistol training. Times and techniques have changed for certain.

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