We have been told coyotes are harmless.

What happens when one decides to take on an armed cop?

Witness the coyote attack this Ohio police officer will never forget.

In Ohio big and bold coyotes have become a common sight even in the big cities. They were never here before a few decades ago. How they got here is up for debate. What is the common truth is they are here to stay. They are just too adaptable eating garbage, pets and anything else for that matter.

Most experts will tell you coyotes are harmless. What the truth is if they feel they can win a fight and get a reward for it they will be up for the challenge. This is especially the truth for animals of any species that are sick.

This Ohio police officer actually got attacked by a coyote on video. The animal lunges at him and bites into his leg. Reinforcements are called and with tasers along with patrol cars they try to pen in the vicious beast. But coyotes are supposed to be harmless to people right? Someone forgot to tell this nasty wild canine that.

Be careful around coyotes or any wild animal not acting right. They should flee when they see a human. If not, keep your distance as they can move quicker than you can.

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