Was this an accident or on purpose?

These fishermen just became the backstop for a bullet.

Witness how these anglers were lucky they did not get hit by a bullet.


YouTuber Burnin Eights was recording a fishing trip when a shot rings out. It truly sounds like a .22 rifle and the anglers listen. The next shot hits the boat right by one fisherman’s feet. It was all caught on camera. The anglers yell out and the unseen shooter yells back to them he was shooting into the tree. Then all gets quiet…

After watching this video I cannot believe that anyone would make such careless shots. These anglers were in the wrong place at the wrong time when some fool decided to use the lake as his backstop for rifle shooting.

What would you do in this situation? The shooter was certainly not shooting safely and almost caused a terrible injury to the boaters. Be careful out there on the waters and in the woods. You never know what thoughtless fools might be up to.

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