It’s all fun while plinking with a .22 rifle right?

Better wear safety glasses or you might catch shrapnel from a shot.

Witness the video that proves just how important safety glasses really are.

YouTuber Your Hunting Buddy was shooting .22 short cartridges and took aim at a kettle. Hitting the kettle the bullet flattened and ricocheted back at the shooter. Luckily he was uninjured but the flattened bullet is a lesson to be careful.

Firing at a really hard object may result in a ricochet. It may be a portion of the bullet or the whole projectile itself. Speeds may very from a hard smack to a penetrating wound. Luckily for this shooter the .22 short bullet he fired lost much of it’s power upon flattening into a lead pancake. If it was a centerfire rifle projectile the story might have been quite different.

A hit to the eyes with bullet shrapnel, ricochets of even powder burns can rob you of your sight forever. Any velocity would be lethal damage to an eye ball in short order. Be careful, stay safe, wear eye protection and hearing protection and above all be careful of what targets you pick.

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