Better watch that your barrel is never obstructed.

Ice and mud can turn your rifle into scrap in the blink of an eye.

Witness the hunt and exploding rifle that will put the fear of obstructions into your mind.

Imagine this scene. You are out hunting and line up your rifle for the perfect shot. As you squeeze the trigger your rifle becomes a hand grenade.

What just happened? You had a barrel obstruction that caused the barrel and possibly the action to fail. It doesn’t take much to cause a barrel obstruction kaboom. Ice forming in the end of your rifle or shotgun barrel is a possible culprit. Tripping and getting mud in the end of your barrel is another major danger. What about a squib bullet? You know a projectile that fails to leave the barrel and becomes stuck there? All of these dangers must be avoided at all cost.

Many thanks to YouTuber RollerCam for sharing such a shocking video. The danger is real. Be careful out there and always bring a collapsible cleaning rod or cable with you to avoid this.

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