Ever experience a hangfire?

This dangerous condition can lead to quite an accident.

Witness these hangfires and be aware of the danger they can cause.

Hangfires are cartridges that go off awhile after the primer is actually hit. This causes very dangerous conditions.

In this video shared by YouTuber Bold Carry we witness a compilation of actual hangfires. From a machine gun to handguns and a vintage military rifle they are all documented on camera. After the firing pin hits the primer there is a perceivable pause before the cartridge fires. This causes an AK-47 rifle to fire into the ceiling when the shooter attempts to clear it instead of being contained downrange. An open chamber on one machine gun leaves a soldier with a face full of powder blast and possible shrapnel.

With any hangfire hold the weapon facing downrange and safe at least for 30 seconds if not longer. The last thing you want to do is launch a bullet in the wrong direction or open up the action and receive the powder and shrapnel blast to your face. Be careful always and watch out for the dreaded hangfire.

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