This gun range is set up for a disaster.

The shooter almost shoots another competitor while running the course.

Watch the video that shows why even on the gun range you better have situational awareness.

In a video shared by Pew Pew Tactical on Facebook we witness first hand why you must always be aware of your surroundings.

This competitor and his score keeper start the target run without any signs of danger. After completing many shots he comes to another target and unleashes lead on it. In the background another shooter or range attendant can be seen checking a target. When the danger is noticed it is almost too late for that misplaced man.

How did it all go wrong? How did the guy out in the hot zone avoid getting shot and not realize the danger he was in? These are questions I have and certainly this video makes me even more aware of my surroundings even at a supposed “safe” gun range competition set up. Be careful out there my friends and watch out for yourselves and each other.

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