Squib loads are your sworn enemies. 

One jammed bullet in your barrel can spell disaster.

Witness the squib load compilation video that is a cautionary tale for all shooters.

When shooting any firearm listen to the report. Hear a softer than average gun report? Better get your finger off that trigger and clear your weapon. Then you should check your barrel for an obstruction. This compilation video shared by YouTuber Bold Carry shows us what happens when squib loads occur.

What happens if a projectile is still jammed in the barrel due to a light powder charge or incomplete powder ignition? Well you are holding a pipe bomb. If another projectile is fired into the back of that jammed obstruction your firearm is in major danger of a horrible kaboom. The loss of your firearm might be a small price. The larger price might be your life and limb.

Always be careful especially when shooting reloads, old surplus or cheap factory ammunition. Truth be known it can happen in any cartridge and in any firearm. Wear your safety glasses and hearing protection. If something seems wrong shooting stop immediately even if you are in a timed shooting event. Be careful.

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