No rapid fire might be the rule at your gun range.

Many gun ranges have it. What happens if you fail to heed that warning?

Witness YouTuber That Guy have the shortest range trip ever.

Well many of us have been to ranges where there is a “No Rapid Fire” sign up. This brings up to sides to this story. Read both and pick your train of thought of which one you think is right or a combination of the two:

Fast gunner: Mag dump or multiple shots are needed for proper training. Maybe even tactical maneuvers and drawing from the holster. You will never win a gun fight from a bench rest table. As long as all projectiles are hitting the backstop who cares? It’s a gun range and if people don’t like the noise why did they build nearby?…

Target shooter: One shot is all you need. Mag dumps and rapid fire annoy the neighbors and also us. Never draw from a holster at a gun range. We shoot bullseyes at 100 yards and further and have no need to waste ammo…ugh black tactical plastic guns

I could keep going on and on with both sides to the story. As gun owners and shooters we are our biggest enemies with infighting in our ranks. Obviously this video was made to just bait these other shooters and range officers to become annoyed and catch their reactions on camera. Best abide by the rules of a private range and find another if needed for rapid fire if that becomes a problem. Like a fella once said “Can’t we all just get along?”.

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