What is a target range for?

Well shooting of course!

Witness this guy get the riot act read to him for shooting at this gun range.

Imagine enjoying your time with your autoloading rifle and have this bystander walk up on you? What was his crime to be talked down to like he was that was all caught on camera? Well, he was told his repeatedly firing was “annoying the neighbor’s dogs”.

Gun ranges are meant for shooting at. Candy coating the report of firearms going off to only slower intervals is not doing favors to anyone, especially the shooter who pays for their range time. If you live by a gun range, chances are you probably moved by it knowing it was already there. Figure it is like hearing cows and chickens out in the country or sirens in the city. It comes with the territory.

After watching this video shared by YouTuber 007connecticut what is your take on the situation? The plot thickens and it is best explained in the video itself.

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