Is this elderly man threatening a gun range member?

What is exactly happening in this outrageous video?

Witness the gun range etiquette fail that has everyone talking.

YouTuber Jim Wapelhorst shared a video that might make anyone scratch their head in disbelief.

The scene opens by a gun instructing gentleman showing off a plethora of handguns to three younger shooters. While he is instructing them on firing we observe an older man in red plaid shirt complete with suspenders saunter up behind the man. He taps at the back of the instructor and claims none of the shooters paid the range fee. An argument ensues between the older fella and the instructor. The older fella calls the instructor out to the parking lot for a fist fight. Really? How did this scenario go so wrong so quickly? The instructor states he signed in and is a member go ahead and call the cops.

What is the back story on this video? While I am not familiar with any facts on any bad blood between these men or other situations the whole deal is just ridiculous. Sit back and watch this video and decide for yourself just how off the whole deal was. It was certainly a black eye to the experience for the younger shooters that were there. After that they might not return. Lead by example when at the range and field.

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