Thinking about buying the new Glock .22 caliber pistol?

Better watch this video first.

Witness this Glock 44 .22 caliber pistol kaboom in the shooter’s hands.

For those of us that have experienced firearms kabooming in our hands the frightening experience is never forgotten.

Glock made history with it’s first ever .22 caliber pistol. Called the model 44 the pistol should be a fun cheap way to practice right? In this video shared by 22plinkster we witness one Glock 44 .22 caliber pistol that just couldn’t hold up to live fire. Talk about holding the smoking gun!

While any firearm can fail if given the perfect circumstances this new Glock pistol might have a black eye now. I hear Ruger has time tested .22 pistols… just sayin’!

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