If you shoot steel targets be careful!

Shrapnel might be looking to find you.

Witness the cautionary tale of what happened when this shooter targeted steel.

YouTuber JMac Customs LLC was shooting too close at steel targets at 15 yards away. A bullet fragment found it’s mark in the shooter’s shoulder. Digging it out is not for the squeamish.

Ricochets happen. Fragments bouncing back can and will happen. Shoot at a safe distance from a steel target to avoid splash back. Never fire at a stationary metal target. They should be swinging or drop over to absorb the bullet’s energy and not pop fragments or even a whole bullet back at you. Always wear eye and ear protection. Remember even a small sliver of metal can take out your eye. These simple safety rules will keep you safe while targeting steel.

Many thanks to Jmac Customs LLC for sharing this cautionary video. Don’t let this happen to you.

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Post Author: enestor75