Hollywood has turned the Minigun into a celebrity.

Combat has made this weapon the absolute game changer of suppression fire.

Ian gets trigger time with the incredible M134 Minigun.

From movies to the full auto shoots like the late great Knob Creek the minigun was an absolute show stopper. With an incredibly high rate of fire a fast stream of projectiles tear through targets and junk vehicles with ease.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons got a chance to examine and even fire a M134 Minigun at an old truck. With an extreme high rate of fire, it takes a bit of practice to stay on target by walking the rounds onto it. When they do find your target though, the fun has just begun!

If you ever have a chance to try one out, certainly make sure you do. It is high on my bucket list, that is if I can afford the ammo at the end of that run!

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