When the bears are big you want the biggest gun you can carry.

The .50 Alaskan was tailor made for Alaska’s great bears.

Witness the power of the old school but still cool vintage .50 Alaskan cartridge.

YouTuber 1tufgun has some serious steel on the range today. It is the vintage big bore .50 Alaskan cartridge in a lever action rifle.

What is the .50 Alaskan cartridge all about? Well the parent cartridge is the .348 Winchester cartridge blown open to .50 caliber way back in the 1950’s. This was good bear medicine for the large bears of Alaska. Yes it truly is aptly named.

While the .50 Alaskan was a wildcat cartridge that saw limited success in large game hunting it still has some success to this day. When a cartridge is such a sledgehammer as the .50 Alaskan the legendary status keeps it alive many generations to come. Long live the .50 Alaskan cartridge and may it one day be a more popular cartridge offered in factory built rifles.

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