What happens when a rut crazed buck encounters this hunter?

Well it becomes a tense standoff for certain.

Witness what happens when this crazed buck stumbles across a hunter.

YouTuber wiredoutdoorstv shared a video that has surprised many. It is of the up close encounter a bow hunter had with a very confused buck.

The buck comes along curious what the hunter is. Well the archer makes it known he is human to the buck and tries to get it to back off. He pokes at it harmlessly with an arrow and the buck is transfixed to the doe chase with exhaustion and rut crazed hormones. The lights are on but no one’s home.

With light arrow taps on his antler he finally comes to his senses for the moment and is gone in a moment. While bucks are usually very wary during the rut they can become crazed and in rare occasions dangerous. The take away lesson from this video is hunt the rut!

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