For all who think coyotes are harmless this video is for you.

This young girl barely avoided the jaws of this hungry coyote.

Witness the coyote attack video that should be a wake up call to all.

Coyotes have become a very common sight even in areas where they never existed even a decade ago. These are not the smaller coyotes of the western states. These are larger canines with a mixture of wolf and domestic dog genetics. In the northeast coyotes have invaded woodlands and city neighborhoods alike endangering native animals along with pets and even people. Case in point this frightening video.

This young girl is out playing in her suburban front yard. She does not know a stalking coyote is on the prowl on the road. It sees her and comes streaking in for the attack. She screams and alerts a neighbor on a tractor which scares away the beast. What would have happened if help had not been around to hear the little girl’s screams? I shudder at that thought.

Coyotes in suburbia have especially become dangerously tame after eating garbage, pet food and pets. They roam the streets looking for anything they might think they can take down. If in pack form they can tackle much larger game also. Isn’t is time that communities look into actual control of these invasive predators? Watch your kids and pets. They certainly are stalking your area whether you see them or not.

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