A mistake at the reloading bench is easy to do.

The lasting consequences of such a mistake might be life changing in a bad way.

Witness what a double charge did to this pistol all caught on video.

YouTuber Erkanator shared a video of an occasion that should never have happened. It did though and he shared it as a lesson to all of us.

A double charge is a reloader’s worst case scenario to say the least. What happened in the video is best explained by the shooter himself:

“I have some sticky dies in my press. I must have jiggled the handle like a moron and double charged my load. I use a low volume powder (Titegroup) so it is easier to miss a double charge. It only takes one oops to ruin your day. I will switch to a more voluminous powder so that it is more obvious when a double charge does occur. A powder die check wouldn’t hurt either. Thank God that Sig builds this gun like a tank. It could have just saved my fingers. I believe that I could get the gun back up and running with just a few replaceable parts. Slow down the video at about 0:16 and you can see my ejector rocket off into low orbit.”

This is a lesson to all of the handloaders out there to pay attention and slow down. A dangerous accident like this double charge is preventable. Be careful always and safe shooting.

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