A chest holster in the great outdoors can save your bacon.

I got a chance to test this holster out that is perfect for anyone that wanders the wilds.

Alaskan style carry is a chest holster that allows your handgun to be available at a moments notice but out of the way for your usual woodland activities. Where bears and other dangerous beasts run wild, frequenters to the outdoors must guard their own safety.

For review of such a holster I chose the holster model for the Smith & Wesson 329 PD. This lightweight scandium framed big bore revolver in .44 magnum is quite a capable revolver for any outdoorsman in a wild area where nature is not always your friend.

Lets take a quick look at the features of the Craft Holsters Leather Chest Holster:

  • Shoulder Holster
  • Alaskan Style Carry
  • Premium Italian Leather
  • Large body shield
  • Rig contains ammo carrier
  • Open-muzzle design
  • Strap adjustable up to 41” (chest circumference)
  • Left Or Right Handed
  • Black or Mahogany Leather

Also light & laser and red dot versions available – They are offering variations of this holster that can accommodate a handgun with a light & laser, red dot sight and both light & laser and red dot sights.

I chose the mahogany coloration. The craftsmanship and quality of this holster is impressive right out of the box. I added a little bees wax to the thumb strap snap to allow quick and easy use.

The spare ammo holder holds six .44 magnum cartridges securely. If you choose this holster for a semi-automatic pistol, this spot will hold a spare magazine holder.

The back of the spare ammo holder has four snaps for easy on and off. Check out that top notch stitching and finished edges!

Premium Italian leather allows for long life and durability. That is especially important when you are way back in the wilds!

The shoulder straps are easily adjusted by the user. This allows a comfortable fit for any weight of handgun you may want to carry.

The Craft Holsters Leather Chest Holster is built tough! Check out this view of the all important quality stitching.

During my testing of the Craft Holsters Leather Chest Holster I found it to be extremely tough and comfortable to wear. You can adjust how high on your chest you want your holster to be, and I chose possibly a bit lower than others might pick. At that height, my draw is quick and the revolver is out of my way for working on other activities.

I found during testing that I really like that method of carry in the great outdoors where concealment is not a problem. If you are looking for a tough holster for your carry handgun out in the wilds I highly recommend the Craft Holsters Leather Chest Holster.

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