If you plan on surviving in the woods better have fire quick!

A proven fire tinder ready for action will assure fire is but moments away.

I got the chance to test out Titan Survival’s CHOK-TAW Fire Tinder Waxed Jute Rope and this is how well it did.


If you head out in the woods you better carry more than just a lighter, flint bar or matches. A viable tinder should also be with you at all times to give you the edge when you need a quick fire the most, in an emergency.

Well Titan Survival is quite aware just how important fire is to outdoor survival. They offer the CHOK-TAW Emergency Fire Tinder Jute Rope that comes in 5 individually wrapped and sealed packages. Open a package and you will see it is indeed a section of treated jute rope. Peel the strands apart and spark away with your flint or apply a flame. It’s that easy.


In the test video below I film slow motion first what happens when a flame is introduced to the Titan Survival’s CHOK-TAW Emergency Fire Tinder Waxed Jute Rope. After that slow motion footage I used a flint sparker to ignite the fire tinder at the 1:09 minute mark. As you will witness in both cases the flame and spark easily catch the CHOK-TAW Emergency Fire Tinder Waxed Jute Rope. It then burns with serious heat with plenty of time to make a proper fire.

While testing the CHOK-TAW Emergency Fire Tinder Waxed Jute Rope I found it started a fire quick and drama free. It’s small size lends it to fit in any pocket with an accompanying means of starting it. There is no reason to be without a quick, small and handy way to start an emergency fire out in the wilds.

My final thought after trying out the CHOK-TAW Emergency Fire Tinder Waxed Jute Rope is I can honestly report it is indeed a get it done well product. Remember just one quick injury or a fall into icy waters can turn moments into a life and death situation. Play it smart and always pack the gear you need to survive any conceivable bad situation when help is far away.
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