Standard paracord will never be the same after reading this review. 

Titan Survival’s new SurvivorCord XT is set to revolutionize our old favorite cordage.

I got a chance to thoroughly test out the SurvivorCord XT to see just how tough it really is.

Many readers might be a fan of the good ole paracord. This generally military surplus (now commercially made too) cordage is a favorite for hunters, campers, preppers, survivalists and many others for a multitude of reasons. The inner cords can be separated from the outer sheath cord. Talk about a multi-use item. The outer sheath can be used separate and also the inner cords can too. How can it get better than that? Well Titan Survival has just raised the bar with the all new Titan Survival SurvivorCord XT.
Lets take a close look at what the Titan Survival SurvivorCord XT is made of. Inside the popular MIL-SPEC, Type IV 750 Paracord is 3 strands that could save your life in an emergency situation. They included a single strand of our proprietary waxed jute for starting fires. Also added was a 25 lb. braided fishing line along with a super-strong, 110 LB nano-aramid Kevlar thread that can be used for snares, repairing clothing and tarps, hanging food inside a campfire, and many other emergency needs. Those 3 strands are added to the already super useful 100% nylon, pre-shrunk, 5.5 mm diameter outer sheath which contains 36 individual strands, braided into twelve quite strong three strand yarns.
The Classic Woodsman

SurvivorCord XT is Titan Survival’s 3rd-Generation Survival paracord. Yes they have been busy with engineering a product that could possibly save the day in a bad situation.

My testing began with stripping down a chunk of the cord to access all of the inner strands. Most of the readers here have probably experienced paracord at some point. The sheath and regular inner cords are great for lashing together shelters and a whole host of another thousand tasks. What I am really taking a close look is the three special inner cords.

First off the waxed jute cord. I pulled this cord apart to turn it into a fluff ball. A few strikes from a flint sparker the waxed jute cord caught fire. This cord can also be used of course as cordage but the fire ability aspect is certainly worth noting.

The 25 lb. braided fishing line was the next tested. Picking a small hook I easily slipped the line through the small eyelet and secured the hook with an improved clinch knot. It held extremely well. The line is small in diameter but very tough. Small game snares and even emergency sutures would be other uses for this quality fishing line. Once again the sky is the limit for what that line can do when you need it most.

The most intriguing component cord I found was the 110 LB nano-aramid Kevlar thread. That’s right, it’s the same stuff in many bullet-proofed clothing options. The line itself when pulled squeezes together into a small thread size line. The user can also unwind pieces of the Kevlar thread itself for even smaller diameter pieces. The nano-aramid Kevlar thread is extremely tough. I found myself pulling apart pieces to see just how small I could get down to. Even the thin wispy strands were really strong.

If you are looking for a survival tool that offers the most options then the Titan Survival SurvivorCord XT is a must have. Lace your boots up with it, make long gun slings and belts with it. Through a couple hanks of it in your bug out bag and your vehicles. The SurviviorCord XT will be with you everyday until you need it. Be sure to head over to the Titan Survival website and buy yours today. It certainly is a handy addition to your emergency and everyday gear.

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