How do you fuel your electronics when off-grid?

A small portable solar charger would really come in handy right?

I got a chance to review the Tacamo Solar Power Bank/Portable Phone Charger and here is how it did.


As an outdoorsman I have come to a problem that is hard to address. How do you charge your cell phone and other electronic while afield? Regular power banks require batteries or previous charging. Why can’t there be a solar powered unit on the market that is the size of a smart phone and is reasonably priced? Well the Tacamo Solar Power Bank/Portable Phone Charger promises to do just that and more.

Yes that is a fully functional compass on the back of the unit. Already it is handy.


Two USB output charging ports and an input port are provided. When not needed the hinged door securely closes over these ports protecting them.


One USB charging cord is included. You can charge your electronics with this cord or plug into the input port and add a charge to the unit itself from your computer or home power source. Also included is a D-ring that can mount the unit to the outside of a backpack, etc. for solar charging on the go.


Testing this unit on a variety of electronics such as the phone above I was surprised by how quick it charges. When the Tacamo Solar Power Bank/Portable Phone Charger is receiving enough light to solar charge the green light is present and a series of blue lights also are too. There is no guess work to know when you have enough power to charge. I was also quite surprised the unit will charge in most places indoors as long as their is normal light. That is indeed a helpful pro to this product as Ohio has many dull and dreary days. It will also charge electronics from the stored energy inside when solar power is not present.


The unit also has twin LED bulbs that function in three modes. The modes are flashlight, SOS and emergency flashing. Leaving the flashlight on for hours on end I did not see a loss of brightness at all. Oh yes the light is also bright and has a wide beam of coverage.


More about the Tacamo Solar Power Bank/Portable Phone Charger is the compatibility with iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Go-pro Camera, Tablets and other USB chargeable devices. The waterproof portable travel power bank is there when you need it most

I highly recommend the Tacamo Solar Power Bank/Portable Phone Charger and now carry one myself. It really is almost the do it all package. All it needs now is a fire starter, knife and shelter tarp.

Head on over to Titan Survival’s website and get your own. It truly is a very useful survival and everyday tool.

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