Ever squirrel hunt with a .410 shotgun?

The small bore shotgun and make a great close and personal squirrel getter.

Watch as Cody and his father hunt squirrels with a Henry Arms Lever Action .410 Shotgun.

The .410 bore shotgun has been referred to as a beginners gun due to the light recoil. It also has been called an expert’s gun since the small payload is better for the experienced hunter. What do I call it? A lot of fun.

These hunters are armed with a Henry Arms Lever Action .410 bore Shotgun. The shots captured on film of the squirrel harvests prove just how useful a .410 bore shotgun

When you pair up the little .410 shotshell with a quality made in America Henry Arms shotgun that is a winning combination. The hunt was sweet and I am sure the dinner was also quite a treat.

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