Think the .45/70 cartridge is only a short range deal?

Well YouTubers MarkandSam AfterWork are here to prove otherwise.

Sit back and witness some hard hitting long distance action.

Currently in places like Ohio the .45/70 cartridge is very alive and well. With the current straight walled cased rifle cartridges now legal for deer there this old school hard hitter is a favorite of many hunters. In places where the big bears still roam the up close sledgehammer power of the .45/70 in a fast cycling levergun has become the go-to for guides and hunters alike.

Where the .45/70 has problems with is bullet drop. Sure the projectile still hits hard past 1000 yards but the rainbow like trajectory must be compensated for. With the right sights, a steady aim, great range finding capabilities and of course a spotter targets way out (1081 yards to be exact in this video) are plausible.

From a standing offhand position this shooter takes aim with the heavy hitter and actually scores some hits on steel. I certainly would not try this on wild game but steel targets certainly make a great fill in for an afternoon’s long distance big bore blasting session.

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