Do you love the iconic .45-70 Government caliber?

Ever launch a 600 grain projectile through one?

Check out what a 600 grain .45-70 load is all about.

Sometimes you just need to launch the heaviest bullet possible. It might be to shoot through barriers, a herd of bison or an attacking garbage truck. A handloaded 600 grain cast projectile from a .45-70 caliber rifle is certainly in that category.

YouTuber Just Some BS casted some super heavyweight .45-70 projectiles from a NOE HTC 459-600-FN with a crimp groove mold. The result is one very long bullet that does indeed take up a lot of cartridge case space. It does offer a bunch of smack on any target for certain.

When you think you have witnessed everything the mighty .45-70 cartridge can accomplish this load appears. Impressed? Not bad for that old buffalo dropping cartridge.

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