Who here also loves the grand ole .45-70 Government cartridge?

This powerhouse makes quite a mess out on the gun range.

Witness YouTuber 22Plinkster and a Henry Arms .45-70 Rifle have quite some fun tearing stuff up.

While shooting paper targets and hunting game is fun sometimes finding something new to shoot at is the best. Why not get out a big bore rifle like the mighty .45-70 and shoot some aerosol cans of various stuff? Safely set up at a private gun range YouTuber 22Plinkster armed with a Henry Arms .45-70 caliber rifle is about to make a mess.

Paint aerosol cans, foam and even Flex Seal all get belted by those big .45-70 caliber projectiles. The show is quite impressive and of course the fun factor is in the stratosphere.

Target shooting fun with a Henry Arms rifle may never have been as fun as this at your home range. Always be careful and remember there are so many other targets out there than just paper and game to plink away at. Get your firearms out and enjoy them safely. Many thanks to Henry Arms and 22Plinkster for this incredibly enjoyable video.

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