The foster style 12 gauge lead shotgun slug refuses to go obsolete.

The handy hard hitting slug has a lot going for it even today.

Check out why hunters and shooters still love the foster shotgun slugs.

I like refer to the all lead foster style rifled shotgun slug as the lead hammer. I learned at a young age even a cheap one ounce lead shotgun slug out of a bead sighted Remington 870 shotgun would blow big holes in targets. It was the go-to for deer hunting in Ohio and many states where only shotgun slugs, muzzleloaders, large bore handguns and archery were allowed.

Now in Ohio straight walled rifle cartridges are allowed in Ohio. Has this been the death blow to the 12 gauge foster style lead shotgun slug? No sir the big chunk of lead still hammers deer every season and is perfect for hunting thick cover.

YouTuber tnoutdoors9 shares a video on great destruction that the average one ounce 12 gauge slug will achieve. The foster style lead rifled shotgun slug is a powerhouse that will be with us well into the future.

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