This talented competitor is well known for her wins.

How will she do with Henry Arms Lever Action Rifles?

Witness Jessica Hook hit the mark with a multitude of Henry Arms Lever Action Rifles.

Jessica Hook is well known for laying down lead from semi-automatic rifles in competition. She excels at this sport but with the help of her friend 22 Plinkster she will try her hand at lever action rifles. Did I mention she trained actor Keanu Reeves on tactical shooting?

Firing a lever action rifle instead of a semi-automatic is a more manual approach. This is namely always be sure to lever in a fresh loaded cartridge after the last shot. Jessica picks up quick on that little hiccup and then goes on to try out Henry Arms lever action rifles from .22 caliber all the way up through the powerhouse .45/70 caliber rifle. It is truly impressive to watch her shoot, especially the large caliber rifles.

The Henry Arms lever action rifles never skip a beat and the ring of steel targets impacted is like music. Many thanks to Henry Arms for bringing us such beautiful all American made rifles, shotguns and mares legs. Special thanks to Jessica Hook for showing all just how smooth a Henry Arms lever action rifle can be to shoot. She is a lesson also to the ladies to get out and shoot with us. Be sure to follow Henry TV also and stop by the Henry Arms website and see all of the great offerings they have for the shooter, hunter and collector.

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