Just how far can you shoot a .22 rifle and hit anything?

Well YouTuber Womfat decided to give it a try.

Check out and see .22 bullets hitting an aluminum sheet way out at 1000 yards.

Well we all know at least one person who states with their certain authority “it’s just a .22”. These certain individuals might not figure or even believe the warnings on many boxes of .22 long rifle ammunition that says “dangerous to 1 1/2 miles” are real. Well, they should watch this video.

These intrepid YouTubers wanted to know if at 1000 yards a shooter could actually hit a target. They picked a frozen over lake way out in nowhere for their test range. Then the firing commenced. With the right windage and elevation attained. shots did find their way to the aluminum sheet target. The recovered bullets hit with enough force to flatten a good amount.

Sit back and watch this video and see that even at 1000 yards the .22 long rifle bullet is still quite dangerous. Take heed and don’t try this in any populated area, ever!

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