What is your go-to hog hunting caliber?

Chances are it’s not the little .22 long rifle cartridge.

Witness what an expert shot with a .22 subsonic cartridge can do to a big feral hog.

Feral hogs are known to be tough targets against any sort of projectile. Precision shooting is needed to take down these tanks of the pest world.

Would you use the tiny .22 long rifle caliber cartridge? Well lets one up on that and make that cartridge the subsonic variety. Most would wisely say no but as this video proves its the precision of the shot over power in this case.

Would I suggest using a .22 long rifle cartridge weapon against a feral hog? No I certainly would not. Remember huge bears have been dropped by the lowly .22 on occasion. Wounding a dangerous beast would be a bad idea if the shot goes bad. Be aware to always use enough gun for their sake along with your health.

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