There is a reason why I always cook meat well done.

Master hunter Steven Rinella did not and paid a painful price.

Here about how Meat Eater got trichinosis from bear meat in his own words on video.

Many years back I heard a family member bragging about how he and his hunting buddies would have “cannibal burgers” after deer hunting. The downed deer was made into sandwiches on the spot and consumed raw. Even at that young age I knew that was a foolish practice that could bite you literally in the butt…

Years later after many college level biology classes the world of parasites was burned into my brain. Cook everything really thoroughly and there is zero chances of catching parasites.

Steven Rinella had black bear shish kabobs after a successful hunt on an open fire. The meat was not cooked thoroughly and riddled by trichinosis cysts. The meat was consumed by the hunters and crew which resulted in a bad infestation of parasites.

Be careful out there and always cook your meat well especially bear and hogs. Special thanks to Meat Eater for sharing his tale to warn the rest of us on the dangers of under cooked meat.

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