What would you do in this circumstance?

Well this hunter was taking no gruff from this bear.

Watch the comical video of a hunter evicted one stubborn bear.

Imagine this scene. You arrive at your treestand and see another hunter sitting in it. Most hunters you could inform that is your treestand and hopefully they would leave with no problems. This treestand trespasser is a black bear.

Would you back off and let the bear claim victorious for the day? This hunter was not about to let that happen. The bear could not only damage the treestand with weight along with claws and teeth but could also drop a stinky pile on it too. Does a bear…never mind.

The hunter has a chat with this bear on video. The bear does listen to the man and climbs down. It saunters away in no hurry at all. Good thing that bear was not looking for a fight after all. Even a small bear has the power to kill a man.

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