What can make a sniper’s bullet even more deadly?

How about when it is an exploding bullet. This German 8mm rifle ammunition from World War Two was made to actually explode upon impact.

YouTuber The Mosin Crate got a chance to try out some very vintage exploding sniper bullets made way back in World War Two.

During World War Two both sides were firing exploding bullets from sniper rifles. While they were and still are banned by the Hague Convention these vicious projectiles were used on human targets during the horrors of war.

The German Mauser Rifle was the sniper’s choice for the Nazi army. The 8mm rifle projectile was very lethal in the standard configuration. How much more lethal would an exploding bullet do in actual testing well over 70 years later after manufacture? The test results certainly will surprise you.

Many thanks to The Mosin Crate for this very educational and action packed video. Be sure to subscribe to The Mosin Crate on YouTube.

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